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Minecraft Cheats and Minecraft Hacks
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Minecraft Cheats Client

Some Minecraft Cheats Client Mods

There’s a few Minecraft cheats mods we’ve looked at but these are the two main ones we’d suggest using both for ease of use and features. Unlike a bunch of other Minecraft cheats sites we don’t try and sell you some non-working or possibly infected rubbish. These ones actually work and they’re generally pretty good at being kept up to date.

Picka Minecraft Cheats Client

The Picka Client is one of two mods that will work in both single player and multiplayer games. It’s easily one of the better known cheating clients but it’s not hard to figure out why, when it’s packed with so many features. Credit goes to systat for this one.

Again, this is a third party client and while we can’t see anything wrong with it you should always be careful when using third party tools and mods.

Some clients around will be overly obvious or spam their name or coder when you come in. This one is more discreet than that. It does have the option to flood a server but that tends to get you booted pretty quickly.
Toggle the mod options with your up arrow keys and it will show you the hotkey commands for each mode. O for weather and R for fly for example.

The features are pretty self-explanatory and it’s certainly got some pretty powerful features in there. Everything from flying around and walking through walls to instantly breaking blocks and killing anyone that happens to walk to close to you (on a PvP server). It’s also got some pretty unique features like the name change hack (which works on servers that are set to offline mode) which changes your name. This has led to admin commands for normal players and servers do tend to be set to offline mode during update periods.

If you take a look at our Picka client post further at the top of the homepage you can see our video of some of the basic use’s. Ok so we might not have done a few things properly (we really should make a new one of those) but it still shows some of the pretty awesome Minecraft hacks.

To install it you need to download the mod (the links below) and find your .minecraft folder. For Windows 7, for example, the default for this is: “C:Users(YOURUSERNAMEHERE)AppDataRoaming.minecraft”.

In the bin folder you’ll find Minecraft .jar and you need to make a backup of that (copy it into another folder or your desktop for example). When you want to use the cheat copy in the .jar from the download link and when you want to play the game without the Picka mod you need to replace your original.jar then just start the Minecraft.exe as you normally would.

DarkMod Minecraft Cheats Client

The DarkMod client has a few less features but there are some in there that you don’t get with the Picka client – namely hard to detect PvP orientated mods that can really give you an edge when it comes to playing against other players.
Sure you can speed around them or fly into the air but that will likely end in a ban if they record you or a mod see’s you. Darkmod has some fun little features like auto eating food – which means you can just stockpile up on food and be practically unbeatable even fighting against a whole group of players.

There’s a standard x-ray but also a player detector which is a fun little tool giving you a window with the co-ordinates and distance of nearby players. Handy if you’re tracking someone or trying to get away without having to look back.

It’s a much lesser known about mod as well so you’ll hear a lot less people talk about it. It does have the more obvious cheats like flying and teleporting, but if you like a little bit of subtlety to get an edge on a server you play on long term this is for you. The installation for DarkMod is… well non-existent. You don’t need to overwrite your original .jar file since it finds it for itself. You just download and open. It has an automatic update and the mods are handled through the drop down box.

Again if you check the DarkMod post on the Minecraft cheats homepage we have the download link and our video showing of some of the features in game.

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