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Run a Minecraft Event

About Minecraft Events

Minecraft events are usually not that common, except for small local ones but they can be a lot of fun and they can be surprisingly easy to put together. A Minecraft event can be about pretty much anything. Some are about following a storyline event led by the creator, others are about group building a large structure or themed area and others can be a PvP event. They make great YouTube videos which go along well with the section on getting YouTube followers watching you on Minecraft.

We actually had a fairly large PvP event at the launch of this guide, giving a few copies away to the top ranking winners. Now you can run smaller events on your own server (if you run one) of course. But for larger events it’s going to take a little more work. You need to have your own server setup (or a server admin who’s got plenty of open slots and probably some people to help you watch it (trying to organize anything online is a pain – think of the spam to begin with.

You need to have a concept – whether it’s a story line event or a PvP tourney and you need to plan it through. You can’t rely on players doing things by the rules so whatever it is you do; you need to be able to enforce it yourself. Server plugins can do part of this for you but really it’s best to keep things carefully controlled with admin commands – especially if it’s a large event.

Getting the Players

An event can be any size you want, or at least any size you can fit onto a server. Getting the players for an event is generally even easier than getting them for a server (and that really is saying something).
If you already have your own YouTube following or server (two things we’ve covered already) you already have a place to start promoting your event. You need to make it something fun that will appeal to people, you might want to consider prizes and you certainly want to pick a reasonable time to run the event. Once all this is decided it’s time to tell the world about it!

If it’s a small event then it’s really as easy as telling a few friends and maybe getting them to bring their friends. But if it’s something a bit larger scale then we’re going to need people to know about the event!
First things first, we’re going to use the Minecraft forums again. Put together a thread the same as you would for the server (but not in the server thread obviously) a day or two before the event. Make it look good; explain what the event is about what time it’s on and how they can connect to the server. Throw in an image or two and answer any questions people have.

Keep bumping the thread, especially closer to the event time. You’ll get a lot of people interested in coming along if your event idea is interesting but you want to make sure they remember to come.

You could start up a Facebook group and get people reminded of it there, and it might be an idea to open the server early so people can get in beforehand and sit around for a while. Practically all of your players at the event will most likely have found out about it not long before it starts. You can go a little further than this if the forums are not getting you the players you need. Send a few private messages or emails to server hosts related to your event. For example if it’s a story line event contact role playing server hosts or if it’s a PvP tourney contact PvP servers.

Tell them about the event and offer to promote their server during the event if they place a message about your event in their in game announcement or at the top of their server thread. You could also do the same thing with Minecraft websites – get them to link to your event and you promote their website (they’ll have contact pages if you want to try this). You might be surprised how many would do this.

Running the Event

Once your event is planned and the players arrive it’s time to run the event. It’s a good idea to bring along your server mod staff (if you have any) or friends. Depending on how big the event you’re planning is you might need to use chat channel plugins to prevent too much spam. Even a few dozen people and your chat box will become unreadable. Remember you can still bump the post while running the event although you might want to change it to ‘event now running’ to get people in. On the flipside you’ll also have to kick/ban a lot of people who’ll turn up just to try and grief the event.

It’s best if you try and answer as many questions and properly explain the event on the forum thread – so if people ask questions someone else can answer or they can read the thread again. You don’t want to be answering the same question a dozen times while trying to run the event.
You’ll need to have planned out how to actually run it before starting. For a PvP tournament you could build an arena that only staff members have access to and place the spawn point in a non PvP area above it (so they can see but not get down).

You can have a chest with equipment in it (or better yet a sign or lever with a plugin giving out equipment on click) and then manually summon players down. A PvP or building event would be the easiest to run. Make sure people understand what they’re building or how the tourney works and limit the spam as much as possible. If you’re using protected areas remember you’ll need to secure them with plugins and it’s a good idea to prevent fire and lava flow unless needed for the build.

A story line event will take a lot more planning and you’ll have to pre-empt something going wrong. You’ll also really have to keep an eye on the chat spam or it’ll be ruined on some players as they lose track of the story. It’s why it’s better suited to a smaller event.  Recording these events is a great idea. If you can’t do it yourself because you’re busy running it then try to at least catch some highlights or get a friend (or even some of the participants) to record it if they can.

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