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Minecraft Cheats and Minecraft Hacks
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Minecraft Cheats Client

New Working Minecraft Cheats Client!

One of the best ways of using Minecraft Cheats? With a custom client built for it! Includes flying, teleporting, adding items and works on both multiplayer servers and singleplayer games. It’s one of the best Minecraft cheeats and it’s so easy to use.

Similar to the last client mod the Picka client packs a lot of minecraft cheats into one package. They work on both multiplayer and singleplayer and the amount of things it lets you do is pretty staggering. You’ll find the download link and the full command list below and the videos below show you how to set it up and some basic usage. It’s easy to do and certainly an addictive way to play Minecraft. I just like cheating in general (don’t we all) and minecraft cheats like this make the game even more addictive than you might think.

The client is commonly known as the Picka Client and actually has a nice in game GUI which is nice. It’s got a few more features than the DarkMod client but it never hurts to have both, that way you don’t have to worry about patches. The Picka client is well suited to griefing while I’d say the DarkMod alternative is a better choice for less obvious PvP. For example the flying and speed hack is going to be pretty obvious no matter where you use it, but the Darkmod autoeats which is a pretty hard thing to detect but it’s a pretty powerful bonus if you’re on a PvP server. It’s actually one of the more fun minecraft cheats you could use without them being able to complain about you cheating.

This client is better suited towards either obviously griefing servers or builds or breaking into another players base. The teleport and speed features work well but if you don’t want banned of the server then you don’t want to advertise you use it. If you’re looting a base make sure that they don’t log chest opens, or even if you teleport in when everyone’s offline – you might face some tough questions when they find out and report the break in to the admin. One of the features I do really like is the ability to go invisible (always fun).


To go invisible:

  1. Tower up to the highest point you can reach. Just build a one by one with whatever you can get your hands on (which will be easy with instant mine).
  2. Set your home (/sethome) at that point and enable Freecam on the Picka client
  3. Find yourself whatever player happens to be standing nearby and disable Freecam mode.
  4. Kill the player and use /home
  5. Ta-da

The first video here shows you some of the features you can use:

Site Map
The second video here shows you how to install it and then some basic functions. It’s easy to install, but it doesn’t hurt to see someone else do it.

Now the important stuff. This client mod does not break Mojang’s copyright. We don’t distribute cracked clients of the game and we honestly don’t understand anyone who does. The game is cheap and you get a *lot* of playtime out of it – go and buy it already.

Again, we didn’t make this client. We had a quick look at the code and everything seems fine but it’s provided ‘as is’ with no guarantee. So if your computer melts into a puddle of steel don’t come blaming us. I am kidding here of course – that’s very unlikely to happen and if it does you really should come to us – because I kinda would like to see what a melted computer looks like. If you’re concerned about your data then either pick through the source code yourself or perhaps run it under a sandbox VPC.

Download link: Here

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