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Minecraft PvP Guide

About Minecraft PvP

Many gamers by nature are competitive and at one point ‘who can build the biggest tower’ wasn’t enough and Minecraft PvP was born. If you want to PvP you’ll have to either go to an arena or a server with PvP enabled on the entire map (usually excluding the spawn). PvP servers are a very different thing than the normal build server and you’ll usually find a different player base.

Minecraft PvP can either be individual players on their own or it can be clans, guilds or factions against each other. The basic gameplay of collect materials and make items will be the same with the difference being you need to protect your base and chests from other players.

I’m going to show you some basic PvP tactics for combat, attacking another player base and defending your own.
This assumes that you’re playing with the standard client. If you’re cheating, be it with something obvious like flight or speed or something a little more subtle like an auto eater or perhaps an auto clicker then you’re going to easily win every fight anyway. The tactics for PvP when your cheating is to make as many people as mad as possible – before you get booted from the server.

Equipment and Skills

First thing is equipment. If you’re serious about the server you’re playing on you’ll want to build some mob farms or something similar to gather materials for you. There are loads of YouTube videos out there which can show you how to do this if you don’t know how.

If you’re going to fight then you’ll want to have diamond armour, full durability if possible. You’ll also want a diamond weapon (normally a sword but depending on the server mods axes and picks are also effective). You’ll want a bow and at least a stack of arrows, more doesn’t hurt. You’ll need food to heal with, mushroom stew heals the most and it’s easy to make with a mushroom farm. You might also want to carry some easier food like bread or pork to top up between fights. If you’re not fighting in a restricted arena then you should also bring a pick, some torches and a stack of cobble.
Put your weapon, bow, pick, torches and cobble on your bars and line the rest with the food. You want to be able to use that food quickly, Minecraft fights rarely last long so try to use the same keys each time and get used to them.
Even on servers which have a delay on arrow spam, bows are your best friend. They might not kill as fast but if you don’t have one yourself you’re just going to get kited around by the players that do.

If your server uses a plugin which enables player skills (such as swords, axes and bows) you want to grind up your skills as much as possible to be able to do the maximum damage. You can do this in a few hours maximum if you’re using an auto clicker. It can also be worth training skills like acrobatics (by falling a lot) which can help you avoid damage in a PvP fight.

PvP Combat

Every combat situation is different. Sometimes you can build yourself a quick tower and just bow your enemy and other times you’re going to have to just spam your mouse and hope you hit. There’s only so much you can do with Minecraft PvP combat but there are some basic tactics to use. Health can be nukes down fast, especially in melee range. So try to use your food and keep your health bar topped us as much as you can, while still keeping up the pressure yourself. Just as you have to stop hitting to eat, they have to do the same and it can build a momentum.

If in melee range don’t stand still and click. Players are not zombies so the basics walking forward and back won’t cut it, but if you’re faster at reacting than they are you’ll land a lot of extra hits. If you’re good with the mouse you can strafe around them in circles while still landing hits. A gamer mouse helps with this kind of thing but it’s not completely necessary.

A big part of Minecraft PvP is fought with a bow. A bow is slower damage and easier to heal through. Some servers delay the shots but it can also be harder to hit. It is great however for kiting other players around doing damage while they can’t hurt you. Even better if they’ve forgotten a bow, or they’re a worse shot than you.
Shooting a bow in Minecraft takes a bit of practice to get right, especially at range but with a bit of practice it can make a huge difference to your game. If they have no food it’s an easy kill, if they do then you empty their bars of food before going in close range for a quick kill.

If you’re fighting multiple opponents then melee should be used carefully. Most Minecraft players are not great at PvP strategy so you may be able to get them to hit each other, but a few too many hits from more than one person and you’re going to lose. Staying at range and keeping a close eye on all of them. If one of them stops the other may panic at suddenly being one short and that’s a good time to push for a kill. Other than that, it’s whoever aims best and clicks faster. Future expansions might expand on the PvP but who knows. Don’t forget, PvP fights itself are only half the work – the other half involves taunting them in the server chat. ;)


So now you’re set for combat what about attacking other player bases? Well finding the base really depends on the server. Some you can check the map to see where they own territory, with others you’ll ace to wander or mine around until you find it. Once you find it, again it’s down to the server. If it’s a basic server and you can interact with their land then your goal should be kill them, and drop lava on their spawn point. That’ll keep them busy while you loot their chests.

If the server has mods that protect land from easy editing then you need to either drag a creeper towards their wall or door or make a TNT cannon. The one exception to this is if they protect their walks and/or door with a flow of lava or water which will prevent your TNT.

In this case, you need to go to the nearest plot of land you can build on and alternate between lava and water. Because the water flows faster than the lava and server mods don’t register this as you placing the block you can spread cobble into their territory. You can use this to block their water/lava flow and then TNT cannon through that cobble and their wall/door. A lot of PvP servers use this method to protect their base, very few use lava and water buckets to bypass it.


As for base protection there’s a basic build you can do which protects your base from TNT, lava and even griefing if mods prevent other players from opening your doors. You’re still vulnerable to players using teleport hacks but there’s nothing you can do about this.

Firstly build your basic base out of cobble or something easy to get. Something strong like cobble is better against creeper or TNT explosions than wood or dirt for example. You want to double layer this, and in the walls where you’re building chests, you want to use furnaces to prevent people opening the chests from the outside.
Next you’re going to outline the entire base with obsidian. It might not look pretty, but let’s see them shoot through it. You can do this by placing lava sources and pouring on water, or you can mine them and place them yourself.

The alternative to this is layering your roof and placing a water source on the top so water pours down and covers the walls. Commonly known as a water wall, this prevents explosions reaching your walls, this can leave you open to lava though. For a door, you need to make this carefully so they can’t shoot through it. You build it in an ‘S’ shape with three one way steel doors and water blocks pouring out. It might look a little strange and walking out is awkward but they won’t get through that door.

The wall layering prevents players abusing a glitch to get through it but if you leave a small gap below they can glitch up, or if you build at sky level they can glitch down. So either leave a gap below and on top of at least 3 blocks or build on bedrock.

For complete protection cover your base in obsidian, have only the s shape door as a one way exit (you can always break the door back in) and for good measure stick a water wall over it with infinite sources on top and build it down at bedrock below the sea. It’s less work than it sounds and nobody is going to get in there.

If the server allows it you can also remove the door and use the trapdoor glitch (mentioned earlier) to get through your ceiling. If you have a friend not playing on that specific server, you can also store your more valued items on him so even if your base is raided at least they don’t get everything.


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