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Minecraft Mod: Ride a Wolf

This isn’t the same kind of thing as our usual minecraft cheats, since it’s it’s a mod more than anything else but it was too good to pass up on posting.

[wpsociallock title="Click HERE to unlock and watch the mod and video!"]

It’s a great Minecraft mod which lets you ride around on a wolf. It only works on singly player which is the sad part, but on the plus side you get complete control to walk around like you would normally. But while on a wolf. Sometimes it’s the small things in life (or Minecraft in this case) that make you happy. Anyway, the video shows you how to do it and the links are included – enjoy!


The link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/234833-v14-rideable-controllable-wolves-v2-v1/


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