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Minecraft Hack: Cube of Destruction

When it comes to minecraft cheats the cube of destruction goes in the opposite direction of most cheats. Instead of giving you something or making something easier to get – it takes away pretty much anything in the area. And it’s a pretty big area. And all you need is a few bits of dirt to get started. Keep in mind that 9/10 it’ll kill you as well.

You can download CE here.


Point CE towards your javaw.exe and set it to byte. If you’re using dirt (as used in the video) search for 3 then destroy it. Then search for 0. Replace it with dirt and replace until you have the locations for your cube of destruction set. Change the values of that are to 46 (for TnT) and freeze them (that’s what keeps it going). Now set them off and run… far. When it’s finished destroying the place unfreeze the values so it will stop and you can inspect the damage. It’s a fun minecraft hack but doesn’t do anything other than make a massive mess.

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