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Minecraft Glitches and Misc Cheats

Some of our Minecraft cheats are a little harder to fit into a category. There’s a few stranger glitches and tricks you can do which doesn’t have quite the same result as using one of the Minecraft hack clients for example – but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth looking at.

Minecraft Glitches

Glitches are considered cheating on many servers. It’s basically abusing a bug in the game to get an advantage. This can vary pretty widely because it’s usually plugins which make them but I can show you some examples from common plugins.

Remember that some servers will consider abusing a glitch a cheat and it’s completely possible to wind up banned for using these – but not all in all cases. There are plenty of glitches out there which just look odd (torches stuck to chests and water on top of torches etc…) but there are some that can actually be useful.

The main type of glitch is commonly known as the ‘trap door’ glitch but you can actually do the exact same thing with normal doors. Basically if you close a door as you’re stepping through it it’s closed for everyone else, but you can still walk back in. This is used pretty often in PvP servers, especially ones where plugins prevent other players from opening your doors.

There’s more to it though. Do you see that few seconds where your client seems to bob up and down? This is where you’re actually overlapping with another block and it’s not really quite sure where you are.

Minecraft does an interesting thing if you disconnect at this point. Instead of just pushing you to the side or placing you back where you were – it pushes you either up or down in an open spot where it can fit you.
This means you can build yourself a shelter without a front door (if you have /home for example) and use a trapdoor to glitch out on top of your roof without risk of other players being able to get in.

But there’s other ways to cause a similar effect on another players base for example. If a server prevents you from breaking blocks on another player’s area then you can use this to glitch in (and if they don’t you can just break in anyway). Basically you cause an overlap by breaking a block on the ground while moving forward. When your screen starts to jerk around you disconnect and log back in. Unless you’re already at sky level it will try to place you upwards in the first available opening so you need to find a spot to break underneath the base – a mine is usually a great place for this.

You can do a pretty similar thing with boats and minecarts but you can actually take it a little further than that if you come across a building without multiple layers but a wall in your way. First place a cart or boat down at the edge of their wall and sit in it. Then try to steer into the wall and you’ll start to jerk around. You can relog here (and it’ll usually force you up) or if you get another player to push other carts or boats into you it can actually push you straight through the wall.

Another interesting glitch for PvP servers is opening chests through walls you’re not meant to be able to break. If there’s a wall of cobble between you and a players chest you can break that cobble on your client and the server will tell you it can’t be broken and replace it. However, if you open that chest in that split second it remains open, and you can loot it. The last little glitch I think is worth mentioning is pretty simple but you might be surprised how often it can come in handy. You can jump from sky level to bedrock without taking any damage at all. You don’t need to drop water or sand or anything like that. Just jump off and let yourself fall for a bit then hit escape and disconnect. When you log back in you begin falling from the point where you logged in, not where you jumped. For longer jumps you can do this multiple times or you can wait until the end and do it once. It’s also possible for much shorter jumps, if you click fast enough.

Minecraft Misc Cheats

There are some cheats which really don’t fit into any other headings. But they’re certainly worth looking at and they can be just as big an advantage as a modified client in some cases. I guess it really depends on the server you’re playing on or what you’re trying to get from using Minecraft hacks.

Firstly there’s an xray texture pack. Now it’s not as good as xray in a modified client (which both Picka and DarkMod have) but it’s easy to use and hard to detect. Some servers do have rough anti xray features in place to try and prevent you finding diamonds but even when these are present you can still find other players, bases and chests. There are multiple versions of this kind of thing but wireframe is a pretty popular one. It can take a little bit of getting used to if you’re going to play with it normally but believe it or not it can be done.

Secondly is an ‘auto clicker’ and if you’ve ever played on a PvP server you’ve probably already seen one although you might not have realised it. Basically it’s a program which simulates your mouse clicks but does it very, very quickly. It’s more commonly used than you might think and most servers don’t try and prevent it.

The most common use for auto clicking is in PvP fights. Instead of hitting as fast as you can click, you hit faster than humanly possible. You toggle your auto clicker on and off but unless the server has any kind of ‘hit by xyz name’ it’s not obvious that you’re actually using one.

You can also use them to hit mobs faster which doesn’t really help kill them any faster but it does make it easier (because you don’t need to keep on clicking). It also means on servers with plugins like McMMO (which give you skill levels depending on how many times you do something – such as hit a player or mob) you can max out your skill in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months. This then leads to you killing players even faster with a higher skill level.

One last use for it is actually building quick 1×1’s or glitching up walls where you can’t build. For example if you can’t build in an area because of a server plugin you can still drop a block or two and jump onto a wall before your client is told that you can’t place that block. With an auto clicker, you can place these blocks a lot faster. There is a simple auto clicker program which is commonly used with Minecraft or, if you prefer, you can make something a little more custom with a macro script.

The commonly used auto clicker: HERE

Or you can use AutoHotKey (for Windows) or iKey (for Mac) to make a custom macro.
I haven’t had a chance to try it for Mac but here’s a basic example of an AutoHotKey one:

Loop ;
if not GetKeyState(“F1″, “P”) ;
break ;
; Otherwise
Click ;

If you really put the time into it you can do a lot with macros like this. From scripting quick bots to mine out entire areas or grind skills – to automatically building a complete building with the push of a button.

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