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Minecraft Cheats and Minecraft Hacks
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Minecraft Cheats Single Player

This minecraft cheat video shows a great example of minecraft cheats single player mode. I think pretty much every minecraft cheat video we have works on single player but this one’s pretty good. It shows you step by step how to duplicate your items. It means you can take one diamond (or anything else you’re looking for) and turn it into as many as you need.


1. Throw all of the items you want to dupe, inside of the chest.
2. Push ESC and wait for the world to finish saving (you’ll see a message come and go in the bottom corner of the screen)
3. Loot the contents of the chest and put everything in your inventory
4. Open your inventory
5. Press control, shift and escape and kill the javaw.exe process.
6. Open up minecraft again and the items will be in both your chest and your inventory.


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