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Minecraft Cheats and Minecraft Hacks
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Minecraft Cheats Client

Leaked Working Online Minecraft Cheats Mod

This Minecraft cheat mod is usually kept private but (after bumping into the maker on an online server) it’s leaked here for anyone to use.

Originally an underground hack this mod works both online and offline and gives you flying, teleporting, speedmode, godmode etc… On any map or server. Private mods like this have dominated PvP servers for a while now and now you can have it to. Like any Minecraft cheats client it plays exactly like normal, until you enable the mods. The included video here shows it being used (pretty badly – but it is used). Enable the mods you want and just start using them.

I haven’t tested all of them on multiplayer servers but I did test the major ones including flying and teleporting and they work just fine. Don’t go too far with the teleport, I think you have a limit of about 10 or so on most servers. It doesn’t include a Minecraft client or anything so yes – you do have to actually own the game to be able to use this. The video shows the teleport not really working – because you have to teleport into an open block so you need to use xray or something to judge that.

It’s got some other cool features (great for pvp) like a player finder, an auto eater (which eats food automatically without you having to manually swap around) and an auto attack which I presume is similar to the autoclicker kind of attack.

Now the important bit – I didn’t make this, nor do I know who did. To start just open the DarkMod.jar but the source code is all there if you want to look through for yourself. I’ve scanned it and had a quick look through the code and couldn’t see anything malicious but that is not to say it’s not there. It’s provided ‘as is’ from a third party and I’m not going to be responsible if you end up losing your account or files etc… If you’re concerned run it within a virtual sandbox computer or dig through the source yourself.

Download: HERE

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