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Getting Famous on Minecraft

Can you get famous on Minecraft ?

If you didn’t already know, Minecraft has had a staggering interest on video sites like YouTube. If you stick any video on there with anything vaguely related to Minecraft, it’s going to get viewers. A ‘let’s play’ video is a name given to a video of someone playing a game. To some this might seem like a strange concept but you shouldn’t underestimate the appeal of a let’s play. They can be done on any kind of game and basically all you have to do is record your voice, screen and play the game.

There are several people widely considered as professional or famous Minecraft players. No doubt you’ll at least have seen one of their videos whether you knew it or not. But what I’m going to show you in this chapter is how to make a name for yourself in the Minecraft world, and with the millions of people watching these videos trust me – that’s a good place to be. And the funny thing is it’s not all that hard to do. I’m going to show you how to get started, what kind of things you can record, how you can get a lot of players watching your videos very quickly and what you can do when you’ve ‘made it’.

Getting Started

So first things first, before you start worrying about what to record you’re going to need to be able to record. Now it’s possible go do this without a microphone, but not really advisable. Some people are a little shy about using their voice online, but people will enjoy your videos more if you actually talk and the more they enjoy, the more they’ll keep watching. Most people will have some form of standalone microphone or headset, if you don’t they’re pretty cheap and well worth getting.

If you have the money then a good quality microphone will make your videos all that better but a standard one will work fine, just remember to speak clearly into it.
The next thing you’ll need is some screen recording software. There are a couple of choices for this but the more popular will be between Fraps and Camtasia. You can pick up a free trial for each of them and see which you prefer.

Now the problem with screen recording software is it can be pretty heavy going on your computer hardware. You want to make your videos as easy to watch as possible but if you’re recording slowly then check your settings and see what you can do to free up some resources. Fraps is better known for getting a good frame rate and make sure you’re getting the most you can from your Minecraft client as well.

I won’t talk you through the basics of working the software, it’s pretty straight forward and if you do need help the website for each explains how it works. I’ll assume you can figure out enough to record, and you’ll also have to make a YouTube account if you don’t have one already (consider making the username something about Minecraft).

Now you need to figure out what exactly you’re going to film. Some people film different mods or servers as a kind of ‘review’, others film themselves and their friends hanging out and doing whatever and others record massive builds or contraptions and tutorials. Some of the better planned ones even work out an entire storyline and have several people working together to make the videos. You could do the same as other people do, or even do something completely out of the box. There are some ‘real life Minecraft’ videos out there and a few ‘Lets grief Minecraft’ for example.
So basically, as long as its Minecraft people will watch it. But taking the time and getting a good idea is the best way to go from some people watching your videos – and get to Minecraft fame.

Getting Viewers

So you’re ready to record, you know what you’re going to record but how do you get people watching your videos? Well this is going to be a lot easier than you might think. Within the first hour you’re going to start getting your first fans. Ok first you’re going to upload tour videos to YouTube properly. There are other video sharing sites but you don’t need to worry about them quite yet, YouTube is by far the biggest so it’s the one to focus on. When I say upload a video properly, I don’t mean just clicking the right buttons. Firstly your title for your video should catch attention. Instead of calling it ‘Me playing Minecraft’ or ‘Minecraft day one’ you want to describe a bit of what happens in the video and make it more appealing to people. You have to remember they’re probably looking at a lot of Minecraft videos so you have to make them want to pick yours. ‘My Minecraft house against 10,000 TNT who will win?’ is a title people would watch and it describes the video for example.

You might think this looks like common sense but it can be the difference between your video getting 100 views or 10,000. Next up you need to fill in the description for the video. Be sure to mention that it’s part of your Minecraft let’s play series and its episode (whatever number it is). You can ask them to subscribe and check out your other videos for the rest of the series.

In the tags, really you can put anything related to Minecraft. Be sure to include the basic ones like ‘Minecraft let’s play’ and then add others which describe your video. If you get chased by creepers then add ‘creepers’ or ‘creeeper race’ it just helps people find your video. If you’re stuck trying to decide on one then you can always just search on YouTube for Minecraft videos and see what kind of thing pops up.

Now that your video is up and ready to be found by people on YouTube, you’re going to help it along by getting some fast visitors. There’s a bunch of Minecraft forums and the more you do this with, the more viewers you’ll get but as long as you do it with the main one (http://www.minecraftforum.net/) you’ll be on to a good start. You’re going to use this forum for three things.  Firstly you’re going to get the let’s play on this list: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/72854-minecraft-lets-play-series-directory which you might not have seen before.

Secondly you’re going to make a thread about your let’s play. You can do this either in the general section or the ‘share your creation’ section. Anytime this gets bumped, more people will see your thread and probably watch your videos so every time you update you want to post in this thread and encourage other people to share ideas or reply to you in that thread.

Lastly you’re going to ask your audience what they’d like to see. You can ask this in the video as well but either ask in that post or make a new one titled ‘what would make this lets play better’ or something similar. Not only will this make your viewers feel more engaged with you but you’ll get even more traffic from the forums from having two threads.

So now your first video is up and you’ve got a few hundred views, where do you go from here? Well you make more videos for a start. You don’t need to force yourself, this is supposed to be fun remember, but try and update as often as you can. You don’t need to plan out absolutely everything but do try to have something in mind before you start recording.

Five minutes of watching someone bounce in circles saying ‘I’m bored’ isn’t very entertaining. If you can’t think of something to do, then maybe try something different like play with a new mod or server. Lastly, you want to encourage your viewers to keep coming back. Ask them to subscribe to your channel and ask any questions or give suggestions in the comments. This not only helps your viewers stay interested but a large amount of subscribers, likes and comments shows YouTube that people like your video and it’ll show up more often – getting you even more viewers!

Next Steps

Becoming famous on Minecraft is not an overnight thing. It’s not for everyone, some people prefer to just play the game and do their own thing, and others like to stand out from the crowd. There are plenty of reasons to do something like this. You might do it just for fun, you might do it to help get publicity to a Minecraft event or server or you might even do it to make an extra bit of money (you can see more about this in the making money from Minecraft section).

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