Minecraft Cheats and Minecraft Hacks
Minecraft Cheats and Minecraft Hacks
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About Minecraft Cheats

Types of Minecraft Cheats

Now before I get too far into Minecraft cheats there are a few things I want to point out.

Firstly, there are no Minecraft cheat codes. Notch hasn’t (not at the time of writing anyway) included any actual cheats in the game. Cheats come in several different forms from glitches within the game and memory editing to mods for the client itself. Some exist within the game itself and others exist because of server side plugins.

Secondly, cheating in Minecraft has several different sides to it. Some people cheat solely on single player games and some do it on multiplayers. Not all cheats work on multiplayer, but there are certainly a fair few that do. Out of the one’s that do you might well find some servers prevent it through plugins.

And lastly while you might find a minecraft alpha cheats video kicking around the vast majority of our cheats focus on the beta version of the game. Let’s face is the proper version of the game is a lot more fun and it’s the only real one worthwhile even looking for Minecraft cheats.

Why Use Minecraft Cheats

Some players may cheat because they don’t want to grind for hours at mining to perhaps build a large structure. Others may cheat because they want more ability within the virtual world and flying around is what they want to do.

Others cheat because they want to grief and ruin the fun of others. Now Minecraft is a sandbox game, and griefing is a part of that. I don’t support it myself, I don’t do it myself but I do recognise that a percentage of the people who read this guide will use cheats to grief other players.

Minecraft CheatsI strongly believe that Minecraft is a sandbox game and the duty of stopping griefers does not lie with Notch, with the developers of Bukkit or the creators of the cheat mods. It lies with the creators and staff of each individual server. If you want to prevent griefing on your server there’s several ways to do so, and you should have a look at our section on creating a successful Minecraft server.

If a player is banned for using cheats they are banned on that server – they can still play both single player and other servers. Nothing actually happens to their account and the only record of the ban is on that individual server. The only exception to this is between a minority of servers who share their ban network so if you’re banned on a major server there’s a chance others will ban you as well. You do not put your actual Minecraft account at risk however.

Thirdly, and lastly, I want to address the concept of attacking or ‘DDOSing’ a server. And I only bring this up because I see it mentioned (and in some case’s happen) around Minecraft servers. Firstly, this is not a cheat it’s an attack on a server and is (regardless of what anyone told you) against the law. You will find no kind of guides of that nature here and before attempting anything like this you should ask yourself one question. Is taking a Minecraft server offline for a few hours really worth facing possible legal action?

Latest Minecraft Cheats

Minecraft cheats change overtime, and while cheats are patched and removed others turn up. If you’re looking for currently working cheats then make sure you’re reading the most up to date version of these cheats. You’ll find the more basic cheats which involve things like a minecraft cheat engine download and some more complicated mods which might be a little harder to use but they’re usually worthwhile. At the end of the day Minecraft cheats are generally pretty easy to use and they’re certainly easier than grinding for hours to do this stuff manually. I’d much rather take five minutes trying to get a inventory edit minecraft tool working rather than 12 hours of mining just to be able to build the exact same thing. The only thing different? You could tell someone that you spend 12 hours mining on Minecraft to do the exact same thing they could do in five minutes. Doesn’t seem to make sense to me?

So if we don’t have some magic minecraft cheats codes what do we have? Well cheats for Minecraft come in different shapes and sizes but most people want to get themselves some easy items in game or maybe an advantage on multiplayer servers. For this kind of thing take a look at our client mods.

Since many of the simple memory edit cheats are now done by mods, there are two sections of Minecraft cheats worth looking at. Glitching, which basically makes use of bugs within the game and custom mods built for the sole purpose of cheating. And custom Minecraft client mods which allow… well pretty much anything.

Minecraft client mods are probably the most common type of cheating now. Since everything is done with a client mod you don’t even need a tool like Cheat Engine anymore, making cheating more users friendly. Some are kept private while others are freely available – I’m going to show you some that you can use yourself for free.

Client mods can add pretty much anything to the Minecraft client and there are thousands of mods out there you can choose from. But I’m going to show you three specific mods at the moment which are the most popular Minecraft cheat mods. There might well be others but these certainly the more popular and will get you pretty much everything possible currently within the game. Now that that’s out of the way it’s time to get down to the cheats.

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